Lower back pain exercises are essential to support the spine and help prevent, reduce and even eliminate lower back pain. Core training exercises also improve posture, balance and stability - all provide for a healthy back. My lower back care program uses the G BALL to promote stability, develop better balance and improve posture. As you work with the G BALL, you will find it especially effective in strengthening your core and simple to use.

• Improve Posture
• Reduce Low Back Pain
Develop Core Strength
• Feel Better
Be More Productive
Look Great

DVD Special Features
• Easy to use interactive exercise menu
• Simple and suitable for all fitness levels
• Ten different core conditioning exercises (each move in a 4 level progression)
• Back care tips and a back care tutorial
• Fitness ball guidelines, usage and care tips
Bonus Exercise Guide - Includes a convenient
guide with all exercises shown pictorially.

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